Life balance mentoring

Who is it for?

This service is for any individual who feels that they are not quite achieving the clarity and balance in their career/life that they wish. This may be made known through feeling 'stuck' or overwhelmed by the demands of a role.

What will this mentoring entail?

Firstly we will take the opportunity to review the balance between your life and work. You will then undertake an audit of areas of satisfaction and disquiet. A formulation and action plan will be agreed. Homework may be set and progress monitored for as long as you feel appropriate. We can offer follow ups either online or by telephone.

What can I achieve?

You can achieve as much or as little change as you wish. What is important is that you will regain control in your life, and set goals that will enhance your sense of mastery.

How much does it cost?

Cost is comparable to other modes of individual assistance, and will be £40 per session, which would last 1 hour.